Whats up with this tool? Any ideas? Help!

Jul 30, 2010 at 5:12 PM

I have a dev environment comprised of 2 VM's running 2008 R2 enterprise and a pre-prod environment comprised of 3 VM's running 2008 R2 Enterprise.

Out of the total of 5 servers, Bitlocker Recovery will only work on one dev server and the others experience an error when retreiving a key using the 8 characters of a recovery ID. All Servers are talking to the same bitdb database instance running SQL 2008.

On the working server, when I enter a bogus 8 character Recovery Key ID, i get "No Records Found" which is what I expect.  When I enter a good recovery ID, I get the recovery key and all the info I need.

I have set BitLocker Recovery up identically on the remaining dev server and the 3 prod servers and the behavior I see when entering a bogus Recovery Key ID is "No Records Found".  This is good and I expect this.  Also, this tells me that I am talking to the database correctly.  However, when I enter a known good recovery ID (same ID) I get "An error has occured.  It has been logged for follow-up by the system administrator." 

I am the system administrator and I have no idea what is causing this error or where I can get more information or find details on this error.  Where are the logs being generated?

I have killed IIS 7 and removed Bitlocker multiple times from the other servers and reinstalled.  I have tried newer versions of Bitlocker recovery.  I have tried copying web.config entried and IIS settings.  None of what i have tried makes a difference and I still get the same error.

One thing that did work was to clone the working VM to a temp VM, remove and reinstall IIS 7 and configure bitlocker on the new temp clone and that did work.  I would rather not clone the working server to the remaining dev server and prod servers. 

Has anyone out there experienced anything like this before?  Anyone at all have any ideas as to what could be causing the vague "An error has occured.  It has been logged for follow-up by the system administrator." or even where the logs for this error are stored?  I have checked the obvious places like event viewer and IIS logs and no dice.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!